Original Doctor Simeons 500 Calorie Per Day Hcg Weight Loss Program

HCG dieting has became insanely popular over the last few years. But what was the original diet for this product? The original form of the HCG weight loss program was created by Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago! Now the original form of this diet was extremely strict. But with the intense strictness came spectacular results.

hcg weight loss program guideWhat did the original HCG Weight Loss program consist of?

When the diet was first introduced patients would get 23 HCG injections in 26 days. During the diet patients would have to follow an strict diet which only allowed 500 calories to be consumed in one day. The reason why Dr. Simeons had the diet go for 26 days is because after taking the 23 days of injections with the 500 calorie diet patients needed to go off the injections and continue the 500 calorie a day diet for an extra three days in order not to gain back the weight the patients had just lost.

Well what is HCG?

HCG is a natural occurring hormone that your body produces during pregnancy. HCG is suppose to help you to reset your metabolism. Dr. Simeon discovered that HCG could help his patients lose weight by using what your body has stored for caloric fuel instead of new food that is being consumed into your body. Not only did he discover that you could use one pound of fat a day from the HCG diet but he also discovered that it is completely possible to go to an 500 calories a day diet and not feel hunger.

What makes the diet so strict?

The food that was allowed to be eaten daily is a very short list. You were allowed to have juice from 1 lemon, salt, pepper, garlic and pretty much any other seasoning. To drink you were only allowed to have coffee, teas and water. There were also a lot of stuff that was forbidden during this diet. Some of these were oil, butter, dressing, cosmetics (apart from eyebrow pencils, face powder and lipstick (The main reason for this is that many lotions and other cosmetic products are made from fatty oils)), gum, vitamin pills and cough syrup. By cheating your diet you can manage to hinder your results badly. Just the tiniest adjustment to the hcg weight loss program can cause you to gain weight. But if you do give in to temptation, just go back and stick to the program and it will usually adjust in a few days and you will be back on tract.

If you find the 500 calories original version of the weight loss program to difficult for you to stick to, you can consider one of the 800 calorie or 1200 calorie versions of the program instead. The 500 calorie version has the fastest weight loss associated with it, but some feel that the to few calories makes it not safe to do. The 1200 calorie version is more safe for your body and you will still lose weight, it will just take a little while longer and you can stay on it for the full 42 days and not starve yourself. But it is important to stick to the program or you won;t see the results at all because you need to retrain your mind into eating a more healthy diet than you did in the past.

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