New Hcg Maintenance Phase Recipes Book

Linda Prinster 201 HCG Maintenance Phase Recipes Book is now Shipping

HCG Maintenance Recipes Book

HCG Maintenance Recipes Book

Linda Prinster, author of the best selling “The Hcg Weight Loss Cure Guide” has now released her next book in the HCG diet series titled “Over 201 Worry Free HCG Maintenance Recipes”. This HCG book is about cooking during phase 3 of the HCG Diet Protocol.  These recipes are low fat and low sugar and will help you to keep the pounds off.

The purpose of phase 3 of the diet is to keep within 2 pounds of your ending weight of the last day you took HCG drops or HCG diet Pellets. By keeping your weight in this zone, this will reset your hypothalamus gland to keep you at the new weight. People who do not complete this phase will go back to the weight they were before the diet over time. So this new HCG recipe book serves a great need for people who are wondering what to cook during phase 3.

This is what Linda says about her new book. “Have you reached the maintenance phase of the HCG Protocol? Congratulations! Don’t panic as you replace your short list of foods allowed on the low calorie phase of the diet with the endless list of foods allowed on the maintenance phase and that looming question, “What can I eat on the maintenance phase and going forward so that I don’t gain the weight back?” Our mission for this book is to provide you with over 201 recipes that are NOT the obvious, boring or tasteless. We want to give you variety, without too much thought, for breakfast, snacks, entrees, party foods, drinks and combination foods. Most recipes are designed for the No Sugar/No Starch phase of maintenance but there are options for the second phase of maintenance as well. Not just for the short term, this book was designed as a cooking tool for maintenance and beyond.”

Each recipe has nutritional information and serving size suggestions listed to help you gauge your intake for the day. Colored pictures help you to choose food that is appetizing to you! Healthy eating tips, diet tips, maintenance guidelines and a discussion on Dr. Simeons’ philosophy of maintenance are all included.

These recipes have been put to the test, both in regard to taste and protocol acceptability. With your new knowledge of foods and the recipes in this book, the next few weeks will fly by. Savor both your meals and your success!”

The book details are: Soft cover, 8 X 10 inches, 138 pages, Full color, Copyright October, 2010, Written by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier .

You can place your order for the new Over 201 Worry Free HCG Maintenance Recipes Book on this website.

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