Where to buy HCG drops?

HCG drops have become hugely popular in the weight loss circle for generating fantastic weight loss results when used in conjunction with a low calorie diet. The HCG diet is a brainchild of Dr. Simeons who has also developed a HCG diet protocol for its users, laying out the essentials to be pursued when following such a diet. He is of the opinion, and rightly so, that when you buy HCG diet drops from authentic sources and use it correctly, it can produce weight loss which is rapid, quick and safe.

Where to buy HCG drops?

HCG drops are available at various online stores. When you buy it from the internet you must look for reliable websites and dealers who sell genuine and tested products. Buying it from unreliable sources can lead you to an inferior product, using which can never generate the desired results.

HCG diet drops are absorbed into the human system very fast and when placed underneath the tongue, dissolve very quickly for faster assimilation. Following the HCG diet protocol rightly can help users to burn 1500-4000 calories/day and lose fat very fast from thighs, buttocks, hips and stomachs.

How to use HCG drops?

Apart from knowing where to buy HCG drops, every user must also know how to use it. Then only can he buy the right size of this product and use it with awareness. HCG drop bottles come in different sizes and hence having an idea of correct dosage and extent of use can help you to buy the size that befits your requirements. Your weight loss results are directly connected to the correct usage of the product and your bottle must last long enough for you to complete your dosage.

Some companies selling the product are deliberately ambiguous about the dosage measurements and often recommend more than what you actually need. While dosage can vary from user to user, Dr. Simeons is of the opinion that no HCG diet plan must last for less than 26 days. However, many users who have shrunk down the usage period to 23 days have also observed good results. Whether you want to go for the Minimum dosage plan or the Maximum is directly dependent on individual weight loss goals and you can buy 1 0z. /2 oz. / 3 oz. bottles in accordance to that.

To make things easier, buy HCG drops from reputed suppliers who offer guidance and assistance on usage too.

At www.myhcgsource.com, they currently have an offer for buy two bottles and get one bottle for free. This is a great idea to go on the hCG diet with a couple of your friends for support.

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