hCG weight loss Plan – A unique method of losing weight

The hcg weight loss plan is a proven and effective technique for losing weight. It involves following either Dr. Simeons hCG protocol or the modified version called the Supertrim hCG Diet Plan. There is no major side effects to hcg weight loss diet plan.

Weight gain is a problem for everyone. Sedentary lifestyle, over eating, junk eating, emotional eating, and lack of exercises are not the only cause for obesity. Hereditary problems, sicknesses and stress could also lead to weight gain.

For those who are self disciplined, weight gain poses many difficulties. Such people try many different ways to lose their weight. For these people, the hcg weight loss diet is a boon in disguise. For them, controlling their diet and restricting the calories comes easy.

The hcg weight loss diet requires a person to stick to certain routine of eating in each phase. There are 4 phases in this diet program. There are no known side effects to this diet excepting mild headache. Even that is reported only in rare cases. There is no requirement to consult a health professional or doctor before the program and it also comes without a prescription.

While men can start this diet program anytime, it is advised that women start it post menstrual cycle. It does not affect birth control. Like any other homeopathic medicine, it is placed under the tongue and hence, it is absorbed into the blood stream directly. The users find it safe method of losing weight. The treatment is very easy to follow. Dr.Simeons’ diet is permitted during the treatment. This diet is equally easy to understand and follow with 4 phases of dieting. It is strictly advised to go through each phase and not skip any of the phases to have desired proper results.

The only cosmetics allowed during this treatment are lipstick and an eyebrow pencil. And no medication is to be taken during this period without consulting Dr.Simeons. However, it advises the user of oral hcg weight loss drops to take vitamin tablets on a daily basis; at least, Vitamin B-12. The user is also advised not to take a massage during the course of the treatment. Colon cleansing is advised to those people who wish to have greater success and should be done before starting the diet regime.

The main factor to be considered before starting the hcg weight loss diet program is one’s capacity to stick to a routine. When that happens, it becomes their routine. And such a routine results in healthy habits and a slender you!

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