HCG weight loss diet – A proven long term remedy for obesity

HCG weight loss diet – A proven long term remedy for obesity

There are different ways of getting rid of the flab. Below are some of the methods that people choose to get rid of excess weight including a new proven technique by name HCG weight loss diet.

Personal trainer

A personal trainer is a health specialist who teaches and trains an individual various exercises and techniques to lose weight. A personal trainer keeps changing the routine to keep the individual interested. He also inspires him and motivates him to complete his workout on a daily basis. One trying out the HCG diet for weight loss has no better accompaniment than a structured regime of exercise and work out.

Moreover, a personal trainer introduces exercises keeping in mind the nature, stamina, capacity, time and mainly the limitations of the person who is trained. He also individualizes the routine based on the purpose for which he has been hired. Even after the HCG diet is finished, one can continue with strength training and body building.

Not all the personal trainers are specialists, experienced, certified or well trained. And, hiring a personal trainer is a very costly affair.

Yoga and HCG

In yoga, a person is taught various asanas. Asanas are body postures done with controlled, slow breathing methods.

Yoga is to be done only on an empty stomach and HCG aids in reducing the hunger pangs so that one can keep up the routine of exercising without constraint. The way one chooses foods and the pattern of eating changes once a person takes up the HCG diet. Instead of vigorous exercising on the treadmill, Yoga is a good way of stretching all the muscles and improving circulation.

Pranayama combined with HCG

Synchronized breathing technique is pranayama. This is done as part of Yoga instruction. HCG diet can be followed while allowing the breathing techniques to cleanse the body.

Pranayama can only be added to other methods for effective results. Moreover, it has to be learnt from qualified professionals. It is a great combination for HCG diet.

HCG weight loss diet

Every person is different and what appeals and works one person need not appeal for another. But there is always an exception for everything. HCG weight loss diet is one such thing. The HCG weight loss diet is an adjunctive therapy that can be used in treating obesity.

It may not be confused with HCG injections. This is all together different and is a proven technique for sustained weight loss.

The oral dosage of medicines is homeopathic and the HCG weight loss diet has a long term effect unlike other methods of treatment.

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