Become the Moxie Girl – Introducing the New Moxie Drops Weight Loss System

Imagine the scenario…

You wake up, the sun is shining, you stretch and think about your day ahead. Something tells you it’s going to be a great day!  You take your Moxie Drops. You get your breakfast, healthy cereal with skim milk you drop a few blueberries in it and you feel extraordinary!

What will you wear? You say to yourself, “I’m, feeling a little sexy today.  Feeling a little Moxie! I think I’m going to wear a pair of pumps. Yeah, I look good!”  And off to the office you go.

You walk into the office with a spring in your step. Your coworkers are gathered around the coffee pot looking like the walking dead. They’re not quite alive yet and need those donuts and caffeine to get their day going. But not you! You took your Moxie Drops! You’re in control. They’re looking at you slightly puzzled that you are not joining them.  They can tell that there’s something different about you.

And you feel Moxie!

There’s plenty of work to do, for sure. But there’s no despair here! You have a clear head and knock out each project systematically. You feel like you could run this company! Maybe one day you will!  What’s that? The boss is looking at you. He notices your hard work and take notes. He sees that you are Moxie!  And it feels good!

Time for lunch. And you’re not even hungry. You go to the fridge and get your healthy lunch. The other girls are staring at you with sad puppy dog eyes wishing they had the same willpower as you.  They didn’t prepare for their day and compromised their diet with fast food. Too bad they didn’t make a healthy choice. But you did! Kudos to you! You Moxie girl!

What’s with all this flirting?! Don’t the men in this office have something better to do? Even the delivery guy was checking you out! They can’t help but to notice a Moxie girl!

And neither can your man! When you get home, he scoops you into his strong arms and lays one on you!  Not every man has a Moxie girl.

Dinner is a breeze when you have willpower! Healthy meals have become the norm. You’re in control because you a Moxie girl!

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