Are You Looking For The Best Diet of 2013?

What is the new diet for 2013? Wouldn’t you and I both love to know! The truth is there is no new diet that is excelling above all others for this new year. That doesn’t mean people are not dieting. It just means that they are trying many different things but a large portion of American dieters have not found one true solution to their weight loss needs.
In the years past, the hCG diet using hCG diet drops was by far the most biggest diet to hit the market since the days of ephedra.  Would-be dieters followed the doctor Simeon’s diets using his protocol of 500 cal a month and people were dropping pounds like there was no tomorrow!  Still today, people are searching for those hCG drops at places like hunting down and trying to find those amazing homeopathic weight-loss drops. Why wouldn’t they? If that diet had been successful in the past, wouldn’t it make sense to do it again?

Companies like My Hcg Source understand people’s frustration. If they could, they would continue to sell the amazing homeopathic hCG. But unfortunately, due to restrictions by the FDA, they are restricted as to what they can sell in the name of weight-loss. The problem is the 500 cal per day protocol that was set out in the 1950s by Dr.Simeon.  Though people would have success losing weight with such a low amount of calories, it really does put people in a dangerous situation. Many people started dieting, setting their calorie restriction at 800 cal or 1200 cal per day while using the hCG drops. That really did seem to do the trick. Many people lost a lot of weight with the higher calorie allowance. But nonetheless, hCG is just about dried-up, because resellers became very afraid of the repercussions that come with selling the hCG product.
So what is selling in the diet industry now? Most hCG dieters are now using a special formula called moxie drops.  Moxie drops is a homeopathic remedy that allows you to diet using any diet you choose and still having the same great results you did with the homeopathic hCG drops. Whether you’re following the new Palio diet otherwise known as the caveman diet or maybe you’re back to doing the South Beach or the Adkins diet, you can find great results by adding Moxie drops to any diet you choose.
What are the similarities between moxie drops and hCG drops? People enjoy using hCG drops because they felt like they were in control of their hunger and were able to burn fat more efficiently. The FDA would say otherwise. Moxie drops are giving hCG dieters that same feeling of control and efficiency that they used to get when they take the hCG drops. Both homeopathic weight loss formulas help you to control your appetite. Both formulas encourage the burning of fat.
What does moxie drops do the hCG did not? Moxies drops has ingredients in that in addition to controlling your hunger, reducing your cravings for sugar and increasing fat loss, there is a special formula to help you out mentally. There are ingredients to help you feel less stressed. Things to make you feel good!
Where can you get moxie drops? One place to get moxie drops is at another place is hCG or visit our retail location at 1079 W. Orange Blossom Trail Apopka, FL 32712.


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  1. hcgcanadagroup May 27, 2013 at 5:49 am #

    Yes, I am looking for the best diet of 2013. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us. I think this information is useful to people who wants to loss their weight very effectively like me.

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