Different Variations Of The HCG Diet

Well by now you may of came across the fact that there a different versions of this spectacular diet. This may cause some concern to people based on the fact they have no idea on which one they should do. Or whether or not they should do the 500, 800 or 1200 calorie form of this diet. So what makes them different?

500 Calorie Diet Plan

The 500 calorie plan diet is the original form of the HCG diet. But to some it can be a huge struggle to stay on it especially since its such a small amount of food. With this diet plan there also no exercise allowed. So if you have an active life it can be hard to stay on this plan if you need more energy to get through your day.

800 Calorie Diet Plan

The 800 calorie form of the HCG diet was offered as an alternative to the original 500 calorie a day form. The main reason you would want to do the 800 instead of the 500 is due to the fact that your day has more activity in it and 500 calories just simply isn’t enough to get through it. An interesting fact to remember when doing this form of the diet is that as long as your body is consuming less then 800 calories a day your body will still enter into starvation mode.

There a multiple easy ways to add the extra calories to the original plan without changing the results form the diet. Here is 4 tips on how to increase your calorie intake for the diet.

  1. Add another meal into the day
  2. Replace a meal (like breakfast) with a protein shake or bar
  3. Increase the size of the meal
  4. Also take vitamins or minerals

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

This plan basically is the same as the 800 calorie diet except for the fact that you consume more calories in a day. it is mostly for those how like to be more active in the day (like a 30 minute walk). A main thing to keep in mind when doing this variation is that you don’t want to be consuming the wrong type of calories. No more then 55% should be carbohydrates. 35% should be for protein and the rest for fat. Overall you will be eating 5-6 meals a day.

Which one is best?

Overall the judgement of this decision is on you. Base it off your own personal lifestyle. Some report feeling hungry on the 500 calorie diet so maybe the 800  calorie would be better. But others like to have moderate exercise and don’t want to have to exclude it from your lifestyle then the 1200 calorie plan would be best for you. The most important thing is that no matter which one you decide to do you will still gain amazing results from the HCG diet!