Get to know more about HCG diet drops side effects

Get to know more about HCG diet drops side effects

Mostly among the youth, losing weight sometimes becomes an obsession. It’s okay to lose weight if you’re a little heavier than what you are supposed to be. Maintaining your weight helps you to keep fit. You energy levels are obviously much higher when you are not overweight. If you happen to be going on a diet to lose weight, make sure to go on a diet which won’t have any negative effects on your health. Your health is more important than anything else. HGC diet drops are very widely sought after these days; especially by many youngsters who are looking for a quick and guaranteed way of losing weight.

The HGC drops come in different forms; injections, pills, sprays and drops. HGC is a hormone that is present in a pregnant woman’s urine. Look for HGC diet drops that contain more ingredients other than hCG itself. There are good formulations that have lots of other herbal ingredients that promote safe weight loss. Some say that they can lose a pound a day while on Gr. Simeons diet. We cannot guarantee any weight loss results because everyone’s body perform differently from the other. There is no proof that the weight loss effects comes from the drops, but may just be a result of the low calorie intake while on the diet plan. So if you decide to buy diet drops, make sure that they have more than just hCG in them. Other ingredients can make it easy for you to stay on a reduced calorie diet plan. The best I have seen are the Supertrim drops from They contain over 20 different ingredients and are available without prescription and can be used by anyone who has reached the stage of puberty. The drops are said to be good for treating obesity.

Before you consider this as a way for you to lose those extra calories that you want to lose, it is important for you to know about HGC diet drops side effects. So far they haven’t been any serious side effects associated with the intake of HGC drops. It is however important to note that the HGC diet would be a little weird to get used to; this is for people starting it for the first time.

The procedure of the HGC drop diet includes a low calorie food intake and a restricted list of meat, veggies and fruits that can be consumed. This causes the functioning of your body to change and because of this extreme change you might experience a few symptoms that are often regarded as HGC dieting side effects. Some people have frequent headaches; this is mainly during the first week of the diet. It is OK to take pain reducers while on the diet.

A slight dizzy feeling may occur too along with these headaches. They usually stop after the first week for most people. Because of the low calorie diet, the bowel movement is affected and becomes slower than what it was before. This results in the person having constipation.

Cramps may occur too; especially in the legs. The HGC diet side effects show differently on different people. If you experience cramps, make sure you are drinking enough water and try taking potassium also. But in any case, if you are considering Dr. Simeons hCG diet protocol, make sure you consider the side effects that you might have to deal with.

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