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You enjoy food with HCG diet recipes

Whether a man or a woman, all wish to have a fabulous figure that would elicit a ‘wow’ from the onlookers. A woman would like to flaunt her sexy curves no matter whatever attire she is in. Similarly a man would like to become popular among women because of his chiseled, taut body. But these […]

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Is Almond Flour Safe on the HCG Diet?

Some want to know if they can use almond flour on the hcg diet? Almond flour has been a favorite for people who want to eat a gluten free diet. But is it safe for the hCG dieter? The answer to that is that it is OK on phase 3 of the hCG diet. During […]

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New Hcg Maintenance Phase Recipes Book

Linda Prinster 201 HCG Maintenance Phase Recipes Book is now Shipping Linda Prinster, author of the best selling “The Hcg Weight Loss Cure Guide” has now released her next book in the HCG diet series titled “Over 201 Worry Free HCG Maintenance Recipes”. This HCG book is about cooking during phase 3 of the HCG […]

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Welcome to the MyHcgSource Blog Site

The purpose of setting up this hcg blog is to have a place where everyone can share with other users of Hcg or to help out the new one that are doing the hcg diet protocol for the first time.

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hCG Diet Phase 3 Maintenance Recipes

Please post all your favorite Phase 3 (Maintenance) recipes to share with everyone.

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