800 Calorie Diet Plan

Thinking about doing the 800 calorie diet plan but have no idea what exactly you should eat? A lot of people are in the same boat as you. Adding the extra calories to the diet can be difficult especially since the food you are allowed to eat is specific. So what safe to add and what isn’t? Well here is a great example plan. Remember the main reason why you would want to do 800 calories instead of 500 calories is that you would want to be a little more active and 500 calories simply isn’t enough.


You can have a cup of cereal (ex: Cheerios, Chex, Special K, Etc) with 3/4 cup of skim milk. Another alternative is to have 1 egg with either 1 piece of toast or 2 slices of low cal toast. lastly another thing you can do is have 1 hard boiled egg with a low fat yogurt.


For lunch you can have 5 ounces of protein. This can be baked or boiled. You must remove the fat. You can also have a 1 cup of vegetables. An alternative you can do is have a salad with a fruit (cannot be canned).


Again you can have 5 ounces of protein, a small side salad, a vegetable and a fruit.