1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Researching the HCG diet you most likely have came across the fact that there are different versions of the diet. Being a person who may be more active or has a more vigorous job 500 calories a day may simply not be enough to get by with. But you really want to loose weight. So what the answer? The 1200 calorie diet might be perfect for you. Here is an example sample plan of what to eat for the 1200 calorie diet. Showing you whats allowed and whats not. This way you can still get the great results that those on the 500 calorie diet plan.


For breakfast there are multiple different food you can have. You can have an egg white omelet with spinach or just egg white. Non fat Greek yogurt might be more ideal to you with a fruit or maybe just a fruit smoothie. Another option is nonfat cottage cheese with a fruit.


With lunch you can eat grilled chicken with a salad, tilapia with a small salad or even shrimp with tomatoes and cabbage rice! Manly stick with a meat and a side salad or close alternative and you’ll be good.


On this diet plan for dinner you can have choices such as spinach and shrimp or even meatloaf and onions. Another you may enjoy is baked chicken with saffron cabbage. Other options are broth soups or fish with a vegetable sometimes.


Throughout your day you may want a snack so what acceptable? Well you can have a vegetable and dip it in a sauce, small bowl of soup. Also you can have Melba toast.